а) общ. работник, рабочий, исполнитель (выполняющий работу; занятый трудом, работой)

municipal worker — муниципальный служащий, работник органов местного самоуправления

clerical worker — конторский [канцелярский\] служащий

day shift worker, day worker — дневной работник, работник дневной смены; сотрудник, работающий в дневную смену

night shift worker, night worker — ночной работник, работник ночной смены; сотрудник, работающий в ночную смену

animal control workers — работники службы по контролю за животными

bindery workers — работники переплетных мастерских

worker at hospital — работник госпиталя

worker of state farm — работник государственной фермы

worker for asylum — работник приюта

man 1. 3) б), employee
atypical worker, black-coated worker, by-worker, caseworker, casual worker, child care workers, civilian workers, clerical workers, contingent worker, coworker, co-worker, data entry worker, discouraged worker, displaced worker, experienced worker, extension worker, family worker, farmworker 1), fellow worker, field worker, fixed-term contract worker, floorworker, full-time worker, gainful worker, gaming cage workers, gaming services workers, handicapped worker, home worker, homeworker, home-worker, human services worker, indentured worker 1), independent worker, indirect worker, inexperienced worker, key worker, keyworker, knowledge worker, knowledge-worker, law enforcement workers, leased worker, legal support workers, marginal worker, media and communication workers, minority worker, multiskilled worker, nonmanual worker, non-manual worker, non-worker, office worker, on-call worker, outworker, out-worker, parking enforcement workers, part-time worker, permanent worker, personal appearance workers, pink-collar worker, postal service workers, professional worker, public worker, radio worker, recreation workers, regular worker, religious workers, retail sales workers, salary worker, sales worker, service worker, sheltered worker, short-time worker, social service worker, social worker, social workers, structured task worker, teleworker, temp worker, temporary worker, typical worker, utility worker, wage worker, wageworker, wage-worker, white collar worker, white-collar worker, Workfare worker, involvement of workers, worker buy-out, worker director, worker dislocation, worker displacement, worker mobility, worker representation, workers' coverage, workers' involvement, workers' participation, workers' remittances, Convention (No. 100) concerning Equal Remuneration for Men and Women Workers for Work of Equal Value, Standard Occupational Classification System, World Federation of Scientific Workers
б) общ. работник, рабочий; сотрудник (работники, осуществляющие функции преимущественно физического труда, непосредственно занятые в процессе создания материальных ценностей, поддержания в рабочем состоянии машин и механизмов, производственных помещений и пр.)

agricultural worker — сельскохозяйственный рабочий, рабочий на ферме

industrial worker — промышленный рабочий, рабочий промышленности

worker in industry — промышленный рабочий, рабочий промышленности

farm worker — сельскохозяйственный рабочий, рабочий на ферме

assembly (line) worker — рабочий на конвейере, сборщик на конвейере

trained worker — квалифицированный [обученный\] рабочий

transport worker — транспортный работник, работник транспорта

union worker — член профсоюза

accident-prone worker, affluent worker, aggregate worker, agricultural workers, air transportation workers, assimilated worker, auto worker, autoworker, bindery workers, blue collar worker, blue-collar worker, building cleaning workers, core worker, cutting workers, deferential worker, direct worker, electrical worker, Extraction Workers, face worker, farm family worker, farmworker 2), food preparation workers, food processing workers, foreign worker, funeral service workers, general worker, guest worker, immigrant worker, indentured worker 2), itinerant worker, livestock worker, logging workers, manual worker, maritime worker, material moving workers, metal workers and plastic workers, migrant worker, migratory worker, odd-job worker, painting workers, periphery worker, pest control workers, photographic process workers, piece worker, piece-rate worker, pieceworker, piece-worker, print worker, printing workers, process worker, production worker, productive worker, rail transportation workers, relief worker, seasonal worker, shift worker, shiftworker, shock-worker, steel worker, steel-collar worker, steelworker, task worker, transportation workers, unskilled worker, water transportation workers, woodworker, class of workers, movement of workers, worker injury, worker-hour, workers' comp, workers' compensation, workers' condition, workers' control, workers' cooperative, workers' state COMBS: added worker effect, least preferred co-worker scale, Community Charter of the fundamental social rights of workers, Convention (No. 135) concerning Protection and Facilities to be Afforded to Workers' Representatives in the Undertaking, Sheet Metal Workers Local 28 v. EFOC, Standard Occupational Classification System, United Steel Workers of America v. Weber, Workers' Comp Law, Workers' Compensation Law,
2) с.-х., биол. рабочий, работник; рабочее насекомое (о социальных насекомых, напр. муравьях, пчелах, термитах и др., как правило, стерильные особи, выполняющие большую часть работы по постройке жилища, его охране, заботе о потомстве и т.п.)

Англо-русский экономический словарь.

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